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Julie Mitchell Julie Mitchell Julie Mitchell

Featured on this site are the works of emerging American composer, Julie Mitchell. Julie Mitchell has immersed herself in the world of music, careers varying from soprano to composer to educator. She has broad experience teaching and directing her own choral pieces and performing in a range of concerts and productions. Her performance experience includes musical theater, opera, jazz, and choral singing. Her compositions include instrumental and vocal. She had master classes with renowned composers including David Lang, Chen-Yi, David Garner, Brian Schmidt, and Abbie Betinis, along with librettist, Michael Dennis Browne. She was involved in a roundtable lunch discussion sponsored by ASO with John Adams and other students and faculty of Kennesaw State University. With her vast experience, she is a rising artist in many different musical realms.  

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A Dream Within a Dream
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Sonnet 116
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We Will Not Be Broken
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